Aussie Automotive Industry is Becoming a Design Hub

There are many models of vehicles that you simply can’t purchase anywhere else in the world except for Australia, while many people haven’t even seen some of the cars that are coming out of Australia there are many today that are gaining headway in the world of automotive design.

Although Australia is perhaps known for its design of the Holden vehicle line, designs from Holden and other manufacturers have been making their way into Pontiac and GMC vehicles for many years. The G8 for example is very similar to the Holden V8 and was directly based off of the design. Although Holden is closing its main factory engine plant throughout Australia, the design team is seeking to expand its capabilities into manufacturers like Buick as well as Chinese automakers. This means that the vehicle designs that have been primarily an Australian staple for many years will soon become international design standards in luxury vehicles and more.

At the Detroit auto show this year, Holden were amongst some of the best showstopping vehicles. A brand-new Buick concept car was designed primarily by Australian automakers with specific relation to former Holden executive Mark Reuss.

The Buick Avenir is a joint effort design between the design studios at Holden as well as General Motors which is located in Detroit. The car debuted at the American international auto show and when the cover was finally lifted on this concept, the car was aptly named and stunning. Avenir is French for the future and this is exactly what Holden designers have created for Buick. This design could soon be taking the world by storm and it’s one of the most original concepts to come out of Australia for many years.

With Buick standing as the second largest global brand for GM behind Chevrolet, this new design could represent a very large sales boost for Australian automakers, quintessential Australian design and the future of Buick.